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Hedgehogs for sale in Tranquill Hedgies in Tuscaloosa AL, Kristy Marson breeder and owner

I am Kristy, the owner & breeder here at Tranquill Hedgies. I have been breeding African Pygmy Hedgehogs in Tuscaloosa AL with a USDA license for over 7 years! I love caring for these little quilly guys and connecting them with their new owners, creating everlasting relationships. My background is very firmly rooted in animal husbandry and behavior having attended a specialized program, the Exotic Animal Training and Management program, attaining several degrees in wildlife education, animal training, and behavior management. I also have graduate degrees in Reproduction & Endocrinology as well as Integrative Animal Behavior... not only do I love learning, I love to share that knowledge!

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Available baby hedgehogs for sale in Tuscaloosa AL available adult hedgehogs for sale in Alabama

Exotic pets can require specialized care which not every potential owner is equipped for without a bit of guidance and that is what I feel that knowledgable breeders contribute to their clients... that and the comfort of knowing that their new family member was bred with upmost consideration for their longterm health and behavior. My herd of breeders was established with hedgehogs from breeders across the midwest, northeast, and southeast US so as to ensure the greatest genetic diversity possible. 

Successful Relationships

Available hedgehogs for sale in Tuscaloosa AL hedgehogs for sale

Beyond the time spent with the hedgehogs and potential owners during the application phase, I spend a great deal of time in the appointments with families to ensure that they have the answers to all of the questions they come with as well as those they didn't know to ask! My focus is always on providing the new owner a firm foundation of how to deal with their hedgehog from the perspective of their natural history and why they behave and respond to stimuli the way they do.  The goal of this is to set the new pair, hedgehog and owner, up for success and understanding the basis for the animal's behavior is the best way!

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