Health Warranty & Policy

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Hedgehog Health Warranty

All hedgehogs born at Tranquill Hedgies will come with a 3 month health guarantee (please note that this does not include retired breeders). This guarantee covers pre-existing medical and physical defects up to the amount paid for the hedgehog. All cases of pre-existing medical and physical defects will be reviewed by Dr. Scott White prior to any monetary coverage of veterinary expense is paid. All exam records including any lab work/x-rays/photos along with a detailed break-down of the expected procedures and expenses will be required to be sent to Dr. White directly from the veterinarian who provided the exam and permission should be given to the veterinarian to discuss the hedgehog’s health/exam with Dr. White or Tranquill Hedgies (Kristy Marson). This guarantee does not cover issues related to neglect, malnutrition, environmentally derived health issues, disease/injury caused by you or any other human/animal or cancer. All veterinary expenses for the animal will be the responsibility of the owner starting at the time when the USDA form/bill of sale is signed by the new owner. 

The Health Guarantee will become void if the hedgehog does not receive a healthy animal check from a licensed veterinarian within 5 days of arriving at your home, if the Required Care Policy (below) is not followed, if the animal has been bred or given unprescribed medication. 

We request proof that you took your hedgehog to a licensed veterinarian, experienced with hedgehogs, for a healthy animal check within 5 days of arriving at your home.

All of our babies come with a warranty for Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS), a late onset neuro-muscular disorder. WHS is not a fast acting disease, it is similar to MS in humans and does not result in death immediately following initial observation of wobbliness, it is prolonged degradation of nerves and muscle tissue. USDA licensed breeders have attempted to select against this disease however, Dr. Spraker acknowledges that the genetic pool that breeders are working from in the US are very small and thus it is bound to be present in many of our quality hedgehogs leaving us without the ability to fully eradicate it. Further, while there may be a genetic component to it, it is also environmentally induced and so can not be eliminated purely through selective breeding.

The owner of hedgehogs born at Tranquill Hedgies must contact Tranquill Hedgies as soon as WHS is suspected and before any decision is made to euthanize. 

A necropsy MUST be performed by Dr. Spraker at Colorado State University’s Pathology Lab, a veterinarian with previous experience identifying the brain lesions associated with WHS to confirm the symptoms are caused by WHS, at the owners expense. Should your hedgehog have a necropsy derived confirmation of WHS, the owner will have the option of receiving a new male hedgehog at no charge or a female hedgehog at half of the listed price (Tranquill Hedgies will not assume shipping charges or provide transportation for the new hedgehog).

Deposit Policy


Please be certain that you want to purchase a hedgehog prior to sending us a deposit. Submission of a deposit implies that you have read and agree to all policies stated on this site; Tranquill Hedgies reserves the right to refund a submitted deposit. To be placed on a waiting list or to hold a hedgehog in your name we require a $53 deposit paid through Paypal (fully credited toward your hedgehog purchase). Once we receive a deposit we will put you on our waiting list on a first-come-first-served basis, when a hedgehog becomes available you will be given 48 hours to make a decision before we offer the hedgehog to the next individual on the list or open it up for non-waiting-list purchase. If you are placing a deposit on a specific animal, we do reserve the animal for you for 7 days post-weaning, unless specific arrangements have been set-up. The deposit is non-refundable. If life changes your plans, we will move your deposit to the “Life Happens” waiting list until you feel that you would like to be moved back onto the bottom of the “actively waiting” waiting list. If we contact you about a reserved hedgehog and do not hear back from you within 96 hours, the animal will be marked as available, your deposit will be held and you will be returned to the bottom of the waiting list when you contact Tranquill Hedgies again.

Payment Policy

Payment must be made via Paypal (with buyer paying an additional 6% Paypal processing fee), with cash or money order prior to or at pick-up. We will not accept personal checks at pick-up, any checks for deposit must clear before pick-up.

Visitation Policy

We allow visitors by appointment only. We allow individuals into our home on occasion but not into the hedgehog’s room as the mothers do need a quiet environment to feel secure. Currently, most visits are occurring out of the home. In order to respect our time, we do charge a fee for the time we spend counseling potential buyers. Currently the fee is $30 for up to 1/2 hour visiting (for up to three hedgehogs with three individuals [i.e., you and up to two other people]). If your visit results in a purchase during your visit, the fee will be waived, if you come back for a hedgehog at a later date, you will receive a $10 credit.

Pick-Up Policy

Your deposit holds your hedgehog through 7 days post-weaning or 2 week post reservation for juveniles and adults. If you need to arrange to have Tranquill Hedgies hold on to your animal for any longer than that you will be asked for a $10/week boarding fee to cover additional care and feeding for the hedgehog (the fee is assessed on day eight post-weaning and is good for up to 7 days, on day 8 a second $10 fee will be required, and so on on day 15, day 22...). In the case you are not able to pick-up your animal before 14 days post-weaning, we will require full payment (including the additional fee covered in the previous sentence) through Paypal, with the additional 6% processing fee covered by the purchaser, in order to secure the animal in your name.

Baby hedgehogs available for sale in Tuscaloosa AL

Baby hedgehogs available for sale in Tuscaloosa AL

Policies continued

Additional Information

Appointment Policy

Your appointment time will be set for a 1/2 hour appointment starting precisely at the time we set and where you will be provided critical information for keeping your hedgehog healthy. You are expected to arrive on time (not early or late) and plan to stop ahead of time to use the restroom and to have washed your hands prior to arriving (hedgehogs are very attracted to food odors and are libel to bite if you have food residue on your hands and I do not have a public restroom or sink available). If you are not going to be be able to make it to an appointment, cancelation must occur prior to 8 hours of the appointment time. Cancelations between 2 to 3 hours prior to an appointment are rescheduled but assessed an $20 rescheduling fee. Majorly delayed appointments (which includes notification up to 2 hours before through 1/2 hour prior to the appointment start time) will be rescheduled but assessed a $40 fee (with no guarantee that the appointment can occur on the same day). No shows for appointments (with no notification about the absence prior to the appointment time) will be assessed a $53 fee. All fees associated with altering the appointment time just prior to the appointment must be submitted through PayPal prior to confirmation of the new appointment time. 

Delivery Policy

If you are unable to travel to my location to pick up your hedgehog, Tranquill Hedgies can provide transportation (as available) for a fee which will need to be paid via Paypal (with buyer paying the additional 6% processing fee charged by Paypal) before the animal is to be transported. Fees are based on both a milage ($0.50/mile) and time ($20/hour) for the complete round-trip from Tranquill Hedgies, as estimated by google maps route. 

Return Policy 

Tranquill Hedgies will accept returns of any animal we have bred or adopted out as a retired breeder. The buyer will assume responsibility for any expense incurred to return the animal to Tranquill Hedgies. Refunds will be given at a reduced rate based on the length of time the hedgehog was in your home: animals returned within 14 days = 50% refund of payment (not including the deposit or any Paypal fees), animals returned within 15 - 30 days = 25% refund of payment (not including the deposit or any Paypal fees), animals returned after 30 days will be given no refund. If you need to return an animal because it is sick and you are unable to deal with the veterinary expenses, you will not be eligible for any refund of your payment irregardless of number of days after purchase. Tranquill Hedgies asks that you contact us first before considering selling your hedgehog. 

Hedgehog Set-Up Policy 

Tranquill Hedgies will not assume liability for any injury incurred with use of the hedgehog set-up. The $60 deposit for the Set-Up is non-refundable. The remainder of the payment is required prior to pick-up. Once the hedgehog set-up is in the buyers possession there will be no refund. 

Sale of Animals Policy 

It is our responsibility to place our animals in homes we feel will be well-suited to care for the needs of our babies. Therefore, we reserve the right to decline sales. Tranquill Hedgies is not responsible for ensuring that hedgehogs are legal to own where you live. We will not knowingly sell hedgehogs to individuals in locations where they are illegal (currently this includes: Hawaii, Maine, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Windsor Ontario, Langley British Columbia, Douglas County Nebraska, and the 5 boroughs of New York City). 

Breeding Policy 

Tranquill Hedgies will not sell animals for breeding to non-USDA licensed breeders. 

(Pedigrees are only available to USDA licensed breeders.) 

Hedgehogs sold to non-USDA licensed individuals will be sold as pets only, and may be spayed or neutered at the discretion of Tranquill Hedgies owner/operator. The cost of the spay/neuter may be added to the price of the hedgehog if it is requested by the purchaser or if the new owner has other hedgehogs and/or intends to have their hedgehog interact with other hedgehogs. Any hedgehogs sold with breeding rights will be assessed an additional fee in addition to the original price (sale prices do not apply to animals sold with breeding rights). 

Required Care Policy 

Babies purchased and retired breeders adopted from Tranquill Hedgies must be provided adequate care for both the specific species and humane husbandry standards. Hedgehogs must be provided temperatures between 75-80 to prevent them from entering into hibernation (while, you may see a range starting lower than this, some hedgehogs will attempt to enter into hibernation at temperatures below 75 degrees). Basic maintenance for the animal includes providing an appropriate diet, maintaining a clean and safe environment for the animal to live in, occasional bathing and nail trimming and assessment of health and body condition with appropriate response in modification of the animal’s feed to increase/decrease weight as necessary. Additionally, since hedgehogs have a tendency to lick/chew unusual odors, be aware of chemicals and potential pathogens in the hedgehog’s environment (including any environment that the hedgehog is exposed to while traveling or visiting friends). The more outings the hedgehog has, the more exposure he/she will have to transmittable pathogens/parasites/toxins.

By submitting a deposit you are agreeing that you’ve read and agree to the policies below.

If you have read and agree to the above policies and wish to get on the waiting list or reserve a specific hedgehog, please send an email stating “I’ve read and agree to your policies**” to the I will attempt to reply to all email within 24 hours. Deposits will be allowed only after you have read and agreed to the policies and I’ve had a chance to interview you (this will be done through email). 

**Please be aware that breaking the terms of this agreement (especially by breeding an animal sold as a pet only [all hedgehogs except those sold to USDA licensed breeder fall into the “pet only” category]) is cause for legal action.

Hedgehogs for sale in Tuscaloosa Alabama hedgehog babies available for sale in AL

Hedgehogs for sale in Tuscaloosa Alabama hedgehog babies available for sale in AL